About Me

Thank you so much for taking some of your time to check out my page! Whatever the reason you came to check it out, I am glad you are here! I am Corinne Weaver and now that I am almost 40 (sshhhhh) I am working on becoming the person I have always wanted to be but never thought I could! I have also decided to help others do the same thing! I now realize that if you have a dream, you can make it your reality! Health, fitness and wellness are not just dealing with your physical appearance but encompass your entire being! This hasn’t always been something I was passionate about, actually I had every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t work on myself. But let me be honest, none of the excuses mattered, the truth is I didn’t like myself and not taking care of myself was on way I showed it!


I have never been the skinny girl but was never huge, just always aware that my weight went up and down. I never worked out consistently, it just wasn’t for me. When I did workout I would focus on weights because cardio was really hard, especially for a smoker! So I would bulk up from the weights but nothing that lasted. I was also a picky eater so obviously all healthy foods were out of the question.

Then I got pregnant and like many women, I ate for two and gained 50 pounds. When my first son was nine months old I got pregnant with number two so I was still big from my first.  With two babies, working full time and dealing with post-partum, my health was the last thing on my mind! My anxieties were pretty bad and I wasn’t really doing anything to deal with them, I also wasn’t really happy in my life and was just letting my life go on but not really participating.  I decided to go to weight watchers and lose some weight.  I was successful for a short time but then got pregnant with baby number 3! This pregnancy was a little different because I turned 35 and that brought new issues with it. Of course one of those issues, gestational diabetes! I was definitely more conscious of what I ate but still put on weight. After he was born I again dealt with post-partum and anxieties but bounced back faster and lost some weight a few months after he was born. When he was six months old I found out I was pregnant with number 4!!! Again I dealt with gestational diabetes but I was also in the mindset of, this is my last so I should really take advantage and eat for two! Any weight I had lost was back, plus some! He was born in September of 2013.


January of 2014 I started to get serious about losing weight. I did what I knew worked in the past, I went to weight watchers. At my first weigh in I was 208 lbs. I was shocked because this was the heaviest I had ever been when I wasn’t pregnant! It was time to get serious and I did! I went every week, wrote down everything I ate and saw the weight coming off! The one thing I noticed was the people at the meetings that had maintained their weight loss for extended periods of time, all had one thing in common, they all worked out! I thought about it and decided my goal was to run one of those really fun 5ks. First thing I did was sign up for one because there was no turning back after that, right?! Then I downloaded couch to 5k and started running. I actually did my first 5k a couple of weeks later, I didn’t run the entire thing but I finished and felt amazing! About a week before I did that 5k I had met someone in a Facebook group, I had never talked to people I didn’t know before but I was working on overcoming some of my anxieties, she asked if I wanted to join a fitness challenge. I thought why not! About a week after my first race I was involved in my first challenge which meant I had taken the first step outside of my comfort zone and opened up to people about my weight, my struggles and my journey, plus I shared a picture of myself in a sports bra! I did two more challenges before I decided that I wanted to try this coaching thing, really more for the discount and I had a plan to back out. I gave myself six months. Six months to change my life, six months to change everyone I knew and six months to make millions. So basically I was giving myself every reason why I would quit and fail because that is me! I try tons of things but I quit if it gets tough. I started coaching and posting my amazing videos, I mean who wouldn’t be amazed by me? A month in, I didn’t understand why people weren’t calling me, messaging me and just getting motivated by seeing my posts! I then decided to start reading some personal development books! OMG, I was failing because I knew I would fail! I planned to fail! Success doesn’t just come to failures, success goes to those who believe in it and work for it. Success goes to those who fail but keep going! I wasn’t a failure; I was a quitter!!!!


I am not a quitter; I am not a failure! I have goals that I WILL reach! I WILL be successful! I WILL follow my passion! If you doubt me, it just adds fuel to the fire I have burning inside! I have never been so excited to live life! I have never wanted to help others feel this same passion! I have never believed in something more than I believe in myself right now! This all came from me saying yes! Saying yes to coaching! Saying yes to reading a personal development book! Saying yes to stepping outside of my comfort zone! Saying yes to putting myself first! Saying yes to working out every day. Saying yes to sharing my story with anyone and everyone!

Happiness is the key to health and fitness!